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Athletic Republic Hockey Training Skating is the foundation of playing hockey. It takes proper skating mechanics, explosive speed, quickness and balance to consistently outmaneuver your opponents and become a top player. This is why hundreds of past and present professional hockey players from Brett Hull to Shawn Horcoff have trained at Athletic Republic. A proud performance sports training partner with both USA Hockey and Hockey East, the Athletic Republic Hockey Training Program is an innovative, scientifically proven 6 – 8 week program that focuses on power, critical movement skills for every skill level and position, skating technique and efficiency for on-ice results.

"Those of you who follow my career know that I recently had hip surgery and could not compete for Slovakia in the IIHF World Championships. What you may not know is that in addition to my rehab, I've been spending a lot of my time working with the folks at Athletic Republic to build a performance hockey training center in my hometown of Trencin, Slovakia. The plan is for my brother to run the center, and for Trencin's professional, junior and youth clubs to train there."

-Marian Gaborik, NHL

"The Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmill is the type of cutting edge technology that will help our players continue their string of medal performances at the U-18 World Championship, and help them reach their personal goals for success in college and professional hockey."

-Scott Monaghan, US National Team Development Program Director of Hockey Operations

"The Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmill was a lot harder than I expected, but my skating definitely improved. All the guys who used it really benefited. After every program was completed, there was improvement out on the ice."

-Matt Moulson, NHL

"There are a lot of benefits to the hockey treadmill. During the off-season, you can do a lot of things from biking to running, but this is a program where I can use my equipment: I've got my skates on that I wear during the season. It teaches you to skate properly. It's so great for young players just learning. For the intermediate guys or girls, it develops leg strength and skating muscles. For college players to great high school players to those in the pro ranks, it's a great conditioning program."

-Brett Hull, NHL

Average Performance Improvements through Athletic Republic Hockey Training:

  • 200% increase in skating musculature activity;
  • 2 – 4 inches of vertical jump height;
  • 5 – 8 inches in standing long jump distance;
  • 50% improvement in rate of recovery;
  • 20% greater leg strength;
  • 33% increase in foot speed; and
  • Significant improvements in skating mechanics and efficiency.


Depending on the playing season, every athlete completes between 12 - 24 training sessions averaging one time per week in-season and three times per week out of season. Over the course of the program, the training consists of the following key elements:

First Period: Patented Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmil

  • Training programs to build greater stride length, stride frequency and improved anaerobic hockey conditioning.

Second Period: Patented Athletic Republic Plyo Floor, Republic Box, Patented Athletic Republic Conditioning Cords

  • Improving stability and strength helps players complete an entire 45-second shift at a higher level, due to stronger edges, more power and increased endurance. Athletic Republic plyometric training sessions incorporate our patented Conditioning Cords and the Republic Box to increase first-step quickness, core stability, shot velocity and overall explosiveness. Athletes have gained as much as 8 mph on their shots.

Third Period: Stick Handling and Reaction Drills

  • Utilizing the Giles stick-handling pattern, Athletic Republic created a collection of stick handling drills to improve a player's range and speed of motion. Training Centers with synthetic ice and/or a shooting gallery also provide scoring touch and shooting technique instruction.

IN-SEASON HOCKEY TEAM TRAINING PROGRAMS. Athletic Republic's team training program over the course of an 11 – 22 week hockey season improves overall team speed, power and quickness - rendering the competition helpless in the 3rd period. Typically, the Team Training Program begins in early September and runs in two phases throughout the winter, ending in early March before the playoffs. Each Team has a set training schedule for the year. Athletes focus on individual skating improvement, increasing stride length and stride frequency, proper skating biomechanics and overall anaerobic conditioning for hockey. Teams comprised of 15-18 athletes are broken into three pods of five or six athletes each to maximize one-on-one instruction.

Athletic Republic Hockey Training LEARN-2-SKATE.Athletic Republic helps young hockey players take their first stride with one of the most comprehensive learn-to-skate programs in the industry. We take young athletes through a series of at least (8) eight training sessions in a completely safe and fully monitored environment to teach them the fundamentals of skating. Our Hockey Performance Training emphasizes balance, control and proper skating mechanics while Learn-2-Skate athletes are safely harnessed on our patented Hockey Treadmill. Our trainers constantly provide encouragement and feedback as the athlete masters the Hockey Treadmill. The trainer ensures proper skating mechanics are learned before transferring to the ice. In addition, athletes gain visual reinforcement of their developing mechanics by watching themselves on the live-delay flat screen monitor near the Hockey Treadmill and/or reflected in the mirror in front of them.


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