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At Athletic Republic we give you more than just speed.  The foundation of our success comes from our Test-Teach-Train approach to athlete development. We provide the answers to becoming faster, quicker and more powerful by assessing every athlete’s  strengths and weaknesses in the following areas: Movement Skills (speed, agility, stability and symmetry), Power and Strength, Conditioning Efficiency, and Sport Specific Skills.  From this assessment, our performance trainers create a personalized performance sports training program that balances the time of year, sport(s), position(s) played, physical development, skill level, performance level and goals.

The assessment process begins with a test to establish a performance baseline by measuring the following key areas of athleticism:

  1. Movement Skills: linear speed and explosiveness, lateral agility, symmetry (functional performance between sides of the body), and stability (the ability to avoid body positions that may result in injury)
  2. Power and Strength: Peak power and ability to sustain power in key athletic movements like jumping or striking.  Max force production capacity in key muscle groups. 
  3. Efficiency: Ability to sustain power during repeated max performances (anaerobic) or during sustained activities (aerobic).

The test results are interpreted in relation to an athlete's physical development, gender, sport and position training goals and applied to develop an individualized performance sports training program.  At the conclusion of a training program, Athletic Republic tests again to measure performance improvements and track progression against goals.  Our entire athlete assessment process synchronizes video with performance results, setting a new testing standard that we have taken beyond our training centers to combines like the Army All-American Game National Combine.  Thanks to our extensive database of test and performance information, athletes can compare their results against peers by geography, gender, age or sport to see where they rank.

To improve every athlete’s Training IQTM, our trainers create a unique environment to help each athlete understand what he/she needs to do to get better.  Every athlete responds to training differently.  Understanding this is the key to maximizing athletic ability. This is why our trainers go through a comprehensive education program to become performance sports training experts in the fields of biomechanics, strength training, cardio fitness, performance recovery, and sports nutrition.  Combined with our 1:5 trainer-to-athlete ratio, we are able to focus on an athlete’s individual technique to improve their overall athletic efficiency, reduce the chance for injury and provide a positive mentoring role that helps athletes learn what it takes to be successful.

Athletic Republic trains with the most scientifically proven programs available, using our patented technology, individualized sports training protocols and real-time video analysis to give every athlete the ultimate performance sports training experience.  Over 700,000 athletes have enhanced their speed, power and agility thanks to our customized performance sports training programs.

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Athlete assessments also incorporate certified results from Athletic Republic Combines and Testing Events. Athletic Republic’s proprietary Event Management System utilizes a Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) band to digitally register and store video evidence of an athlete’s performance data in the Athletic Republic Locker Room.  

Locker Room

IT’S NOT BRAGGING IF YOU HAVE IT ON FILM. The Athletic Republic Locker Room provides the tools you need to create a private digital athletic profile that organizes, stores and presents your best video highlights, combine test results, media interviews and statistics to coaches, all-star selection committees and media outlets.  You control what the world will see. To start building a profile in your own private digital Locker, visit an Athletic Republic Training Center or the Locker Room online.

A comprehensive online athletic résumé that starts with your name, school, year of graduation, sport(s) and position(s), vital statistics, headshot and game stats.

Certified video capture of your key test results from Athletic Republic Training Centers and/or Combines.

Load game film, highlights, and/or interviews to build out a complete online athletic resume.

Combine your game and test footage into a single highlight video with our proprietary video editing software inside of the Locker Room.


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